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kurtbird | K U B I

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Bio, Basic Info and Discography

Cultural music has seen significant developments since the year 2000. Markus Rothe, known by his stage name "Kurtbird," was introduced to electronic dance music at the young age of 14. Over the subsequent years, he began creating mixtapes for his friends, taking his first steps into the world of music. With the earnings from his summer job, pocket money, and the sales of his mixtapes, Markus managed to save up enough to acquire two turntables. Recognizing the value of learning with multiple turntables, he eventually expanded his collection to include four. With his four turntables in tow, Markus ventured into the club and disco scene, eager to gain experience and refine his craft. Today, Markus continues to be active in the music scene under various aliases, including Markus Maahlen, Markus Vogel, K U B I, and Afri.ente, among others. Alongside his DJ career, Markus also established his own studio, where he collaborates with friends to produce electronic music. With a keen eye for organization and planning, Markus has taken on the responsibility of overseeing not only his own events but also those of others. He firmly believes that meticulous planning behind the scenes is crucial to the success of any project.
Being an active participant in multiple music-cultural organizations, he had the opportunity to establish connections with prominent figures in the industry.
Markus's pursuit of education and career opportunities has led him on a journey across numerous European locations. These experiences have left a profound impact on him, shaping his musical and creative expression in profound ways.
From 2018 onwards, he conceived the notion of establishing a music label that would encapsulate the ever-evolving diversity of music he has encountered throughout his life. This marked the genesis of "Burgstreet Records.
He pondered the limitations of a label that offered little room for artistic expression and personal identity. Recognizing the need for more creative freedom, he made the decision to explore the possibilities presented by the second label, "Halle 50 Records," as well as the web radio station known as "
Markus and his close companion, Tobias Hoermann, collaborate in overseeing the operations of the esteemed music collective known as the "Burgstreet Records Family.
He is now so well-acquainted with the current administration and organization that there remains ample opportunity for productivity.
Be prepared and enthusiastic for the upcoming releases of new tracks! Keep your ears open and stay excited for what's to come!

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