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Markus Maahlen

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Bio, Basic Info and Discography

Cultural music since 2000. "Kurtbird", whose real name is Markus Rothe, got to know electronic dance music at the age of 14 and in the following years made his first steps with his own mixtapes for friends. From the income from the holiday job, the pocket money and the mixtapes, he saved two turntables that had to be increased to four. The best way to learn is with four different turntables, he thought too, and started going to clubs and discotheques with them. "Kurtbird" is on the road under various names that are still active, such as Markus Maahlen | Markus Vogel | K U B I | Afri.ente etc. Markus was not only on the road as a DJ, he also founded his own studio, in which Markus and friends also produced electronic music. Organization and planning are very important to Markus and that's why he was happy to take care of his own and other people's events. "Good planning in the background is always much more important in a project," is his motto. As a member of several music-cultural associations, he came into contact with some of the stars of the scene.
Education and professional changes took Markus to countless places in Europe, which gave him many impressions and with which he could and can express his musical and creative way of life.
Since 2018 he had the idea to create a label with all the changing musical diversity that he has encountered in his life so far. It was the beginning of "Burgstreet Records".
With a label with little scope for musical creativity and identity, there are quickly limits, he thought, and so he headed for the second label “Halle 50 Records” and the web radio station “”.
Together with his friend and longtime music partner "Tobias Hoermann" Markus runs the "Burgstreet Records Family".
The administration and organization is currently so familiar to him that there is still time to produce.
New tracks are coming, so stay tuned and excited!

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